Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Testosterone Therapy Heart Attack‎ ALERT!


A 3rd Study May Link Testosterone to Heart Attacks

Add the U.S. National Institute on Aging of studies that may be linking popular "Low T" Treatment drugs like AndroGel to increased risks of Heart Attack, Stroke and other heart related side effects. According to recent reports they will release they results of their independent study related to all Low Testosterone products. This particular study approx 800 men with "Low T" and they have closely monitored heart activity for the duration they took the drug. This study is significant as if it does show that Low T products like AndroGel have increased the likely hood that patients are at greater risk to have a heart attack from Low T, the greater the chance of a full AndroGel Recall. A FDA recall of AndroGel would spark Low T Class actions, AndroGel MDL's and massive Low Testosterone litigation that the United States has not seen since the recall of Vioxx.

Early reports from the Endocrine Society say that they are already advising that middle to older men should consult a doctor BEFORE taking Low T drugs including AndroGel and be warned about these possible deadly side effects. The Endocrine Society also said that any man who has suffered a heart attack or stroke the past 5 months AVOID Testosterone Treatment products. That is a impactful statement from the Endocrine Society to say to avoid a testosterone prior to the full FDA review and some believe that releasing this statement would indicate the results of this new study will likely tie Low T drugs to serious health risks. And as always, if you are currently taking Low T drugs like AndroGel, please consult your doctor prior to making any independent changes in terms of your medication.

According to news releases the Endocrine Society they have a group of Testosterone Treatment experts and specialists conducting this study that is set to be released soon. But prior to the release of information they advise "older men" considering treatment for Low Testosterone should be warned of the potentially fatal risks. Follow this website for all the latest developments in Testosterone Treatment litigation and information.

Low T Treatments, from creams to gels to injects generated almost 5 billion dollars in sales in 2013. It is one of the most mass marketed drugs in the history of the United States. Anyone who has watched or listened to a sporting event in 2013 has probably heard of Low T.




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