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MedRecallNews – Our Mission

We are dedicated to keeping you informed about FDA Recalls and Warnings for medications, medical devices, medically induced birth defects and other important health issues.

Since 2002 MedRecallNews has been educating consumers on the potential dangers of certain medications, FDA “Black Box” Warnings, FDA recalls, faulty medical devices, and other health issues. It is our goal to keep you informed so you can protect yourself and loved ones from potential hazards and if needed, receive the legal assistance you deserve if you have been personally impacted. MedRecallNews.com stands ready to help. We are proud to have provided health information to tens of thousands of people regarding serious health matters.

Get Informed and Protect Your Family’s Health

Baby with Pills BottleNone of us would ever leave a baby alone with medications. But unfortunately many of us know about as much about the drugs we take as any child would.

Many medications and medical procedures have come under FDA scrutiny while many people continue to use them. MedRecallNews is designed to help keep you informed and to make informed choices.

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The Deadliest Room In Your House

What is the deadliest room in a house? Amazingly it is the bathroom. Even more specifically, it is the medicine chest inside of the bathroom. Expired medication and drugs with unknown side effects injure and kills thousands each and every year. The worst part is, most of the time we are not aware of the risk until it is simply too late.


MedRecall News is not a law firm or lawyer referral service and is not associated with pharmaceutical companies or the FDA. Certain cases may only be accepted based on federal and state statutes.