It seems barely a day passes in this country where there isn’t news about another medication, medical device, or treatment that is suspected of harming the very people they were intended to help.

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Since 2002 MedRecallNews has been educating consumers on the potential dangers of certain medications, FDA “Black Box” Warnings, FDA recalls, faulty medical devices, and other health issues. It is our goal to keep you informed so you can protect yourself and loved ones from potential hazards and if needed, receive the legal assistance you deserve if you have been personally impacted. stands ready to help. We are proud to have provided health information to tens of thousands of people regarding serious health matters.

The FDA is issuing new and expanded alerts, warnings, and recalls of medications and devices on an almost daily basis – but many people are unaware of these warnings. In some cases health care professionals continue to prescribe medications or utilize devices and treatments that have come under FDA scrutiny posing needless risks to patients. That is why MedRecallNews has dedicated ourselves to doing all we can to help you protect you and your loved ones. Stay informed and protect your family from these potential health risks!

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