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Testosterone Therapy Heart Attack‎ ALERT!


A 3rd Study May Link Testosterone to Heart Attacks

Add the U.S. National Institute on Aging of studies that may be linking popular "Low T" Treatment drugs like AndroGel to increased risks of Heart Attack, Stroke and other heart related side effects. According to recent reports they will release they results of their independent study related to all Low Testosterone products. This particular study approx 800 men with "Low T" and they have closely monitored heart activity for the duration they took the drug. This study is significant as if it does show that Low T products like AndroGel have increased the likely hood that patients are at greater risk to have a heart attack from Low T, the greater the chance of a full AndroGel Recall. A FDA recall of AndroGel would spark Low T Class actions, AndroGel MDL's and massive Low Testosterone litigation that the United States has not seen since the recall of Vioxx.

Early reports from the Endocrine Society say that they are already advising that middle to older men should consult a doctor BEFORE taking Low T drugs including AndroGel and be warned about these possible deadly side effects. The Endocrine Society also said that any man who has suffered a heart attack or stroke the past 5 months AVOID Testosterone Treatment products. That is a impactful statement from the Endocrine Society to say to avoid a testosterone prior to the full FDA review and some believe that releasing this statement would indicate the results of this new study will likely tie Low T drugs to serious health risks. And as always, if you are currently taking Low T drugs like AndroGel, please consult your doctor prior to making any independent changes in terms of your medication.

According to news releases the Endocrine Society they have a group of Testosterone Treatment experts and specialists conducting this study that is set to be released soon. But prior to the release of information they advise "older men" considering treatment for Low Testosterone should be warned of the potentially fatal risks. Follow this website for all the latest developments in Testosterone Treatment litigation and information.

Low T Treatments, from creams to gels to injects generated almost 5 billion dollars in sales in 2013. It is one of the most mass marketed drugs in the history of the United States. Anyone who has watched or listened to a sporting event in 2013 has probably heard of Low T.




The Ambassador of consumer advocacy, Jesse Levine, Founder and CEO of MedRecallNews in Norristown PA, has built up an enviable reputation for fighting tirelessly for innocent victims of recalled drugs, faulty medical devices, and other disasters such as business owners affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. His aim is to ensure that victims affected by such disasters get legal representation so that they can be justly compensated for errors that were not their fault. It is never easy to get companies to admit that they have supplied a potentially dangerous product that is publically available. So, Jesse exposes those suppliers’ intentions to regain some power to the bigger picture which is consumers’ rights. The rights to safety, to be informed, to have a choice, and to be heard. Levine has already seen an overwhelming number of lawsuits filed against companies who have produced and marketed the surgical product Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Slings. One claim earlier this year exceeded the $3m mark. This shows the seriousness of the damage done by TVM. He is also working on other campaigns that have affected others apart from TVM, including diabetes drug (Actos), hip implants (metal on metal), asbestos Exposure (Mesothelioma), dialysis solutions (Granuflo and Naturalyte, birth control drugs Yaz and IUD Devices (Mirena and Nuvaring), and birth defects ( Cerebral Palsy, ect…). The list could go on.

Many of the products and drugs are mass marketed through ongoing and persuasive advertising campaigns by our country’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Often, drugs and devices appear on the market with the knowledge that insufficient research has been carried out into the use of the product. 

Medical institutions such as hospitals are eager to try anything new that may relieve patients’ discomfort or attract patients to use their hospital facilities. In many cases, financial gain comes before consumer safety, so the loser is the person who is tempted to use a product that has not been fully tested, as its supposed to improve quality of life not destroy it.

About Us

Jesse Levine has fought on behalf of victims of these medical mistakes. He is sympathetic and dedicated and has worked diligently to ensure that victims of medical negligence gain maximum compensation for victims. At a phone consultation, an assessment is made of the client’s medical history and eligibility to file a compensation claim for all the damage that has been done as a result of the medical mistake. He will then recommend you to a lawyer who will then fight for compensation on your behalf. There is never a front fee charged by MedRecallNews or the recommended lawyer.


The Most Dangerous Room In Your House


The Bathroom is the Deadliest Room in Everyone's Home

Prescription Medication Kills Thousands of People Each and Every Year

PHILADELPHIA – September 26, 2012 – What is the deadliest room in a house? Amazingly it is the bathroom. Even more specifically, it is the medicine chest inside of the bathroom. Expired medication and drugs with unknown side effects injure and kills thousands each and every year. The worst part is, most of the time we are not aware of the risk until it is simply too late.

Read more: The Most Dangerous Room In Your House


DePuy Hip Implants


Defective Hip Implants

DePuy Hip Implants Worldwide Recall

DePuy Hip Implant RecallDePuy Orthopadedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, has issued a worldwide recall of it's ASRTM Acetabular System for Total Hip Replacement, after determining that these hip implants may fail at an alarming rate.

The "metal-on-metal" composition of these implants can release particles into the patient potentially causing serious and painful reactions-sometimes requiring complete revision surgery.

Reportedly, Johnson & Johnson has been seeking medical releases from Recipients so that their claim adjustors can speak with you directly and possibly take down statements without your having counsel present. This is an unwise action for any recipient of these defective devices.

Having a defective hip implant in your body clearly demands having your own lawyer. You must be very cautious with dealing with the manufacturer or its representatives without proper legal representation.

MedRecall News can help you understand your legal options. We are one of America's largest Consumer Advocacy Groups representing Lawyers with total verdicts and settlements in excess of $3 Billion, and are committed to represent your interests aggressively and professionally.


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